If you have never written your own book, it’s a difficult prospect.

How do you go from idea to execution, let alone publication?

Coaching helps. Here’s why.

The right coach will help you:

Step 1: Get all the freebies!

Snap up your FREE hour-long consultation. If you want another one four weeks later, it’ll be a full coaching call, and you also get that for free.

Decide afterwards if you want to continue.

Step 2: Feel the brilliance of creation, decide you want more of it

If you do, you can choose either alone or in a group.

Here’s how it works.

You start working. Remember, inspiration has to find you working. :)

Pricing: Individual vs Groups

$490/month for individuals $490/month for groups of 5.

So if you have 4 friends who also want to write, you pay $116* per month each.

And if you don’t have any friends (because, let’s face it, you’re a writer and spend most of your time alone), put your name on the list. As soon as we have our next 5 on the list, we’ll launch the next group.

Who is my coach?

Your coach is Leticia Mooney, has mentored dozens of writers. She is a professional writer & editor by training; she has owned a publishing house, and produced books for herself and others.

Leticia has experience in publishing production both online and offline. Her company Brutal Pixie now brings production expertise to complex industries like law, to support continuous marketing efforts.

Your coach is a highly experienced coach and mentor, and has spent much of her life working to improve the style and talent of other writers: In business, in non-fiction, in fiction.

Her own books include Music Journalism 101, The Art of Postcard Writing, Brilliant Blawgs. In October 2018 she finished her first screenplay, and is working on two more books She has an author page on Amazon, and an open writing journal at Patreon.

What others have said:

“This is so valuable for my ability to progress. Can we extend for another six months?” ~ Amanda, New York City (USA)

“I wouldn’t have thought to try that method [audio]! Great idea!” ~ James, Perth (Australia)

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